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  • In most residential burglaries, burglars enter your home, steal your valuables and exit your home in less than three minutes.  Most alarm systems are designed to avoid false alarms.  As a result, your Central Station does not NOTIFY the local police for five minutes or more.  Even the fastest police response cannot catch the burglars while they are in your home. Burglary Solutions can design a home security system or re-configure an existing system to protect your home and family, based on the most current burglary intelligence.
  • Statistics show that property stolen during residential burglaries is recovered less than 5% of the time.  Stolen jewelry is sold to a jeweler and melted down or sold within DAYS. Jewelry and family heirlooms stolen will rarely be recovered.  Law enforcement’s first priority is to catch the criminals.  Retrieving your property is secondary.  Burglary Solutions works to get your property back to you, where it belongs.

A Burglary Solutions assessment may help lower your insurance premiums.


For more information, please contact Burglary Solutions at (973) 531-7863 or via email at Info@BurglarySolutionsLLC.com.

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