Burglary Investigations

  • Burglary Solutions investigators are retired law enforcement, licensed private detectives who will conduct post burglary investigation.  Investigators are trained to identify and catch the people who burglarized your home.  Investigators are also trained to recover your stolen property by visiting and contacting jewelry stores and second hand dealers BEFORE your property is re-sold or your jewelry is melted down.  
  • Burglary Solutions investigators will work with law enforcement to make sure that your burglary receives the highest amount of attention.   Investigators will help bring the perpetrators to justice and do everything in their power to get your property returned to you as quickly as possible.
  • Burglary Solutions will work with your insurance company’s claims adjuster to make your claim go as smooth as possible. 


For more information, please contact Burglary Solutions at (973) 531-7863 or via email at Info@BurglarySolutionsLLC.com.

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