Burglary Intelligence Briefing for Homeowners

Learn how to keep your home safe and connected!

On November 14, 2013, Burglary Solutions along with AC Daughtry Security and Honeywell, held a special Burglary Intelligence Briefing for Homeowners to arm you with valuable information on the burglary crews in your area—and the solutions that can keep you safe and connected. During this event, AC Daughtry, Burglary Solutions and Honeywell hosted a discussion and lunch featuring:

Dan Coleman, President of Burglary Solutions, discussed the most up-to-date intelligence regarding the prolific burglary crews striking the tri-state area. He will highlight the types of burglars, where they strike and who they target.

David Kahl, CEO of AC Daughtry Security, along with Dave Donovan and Tommy Melillo, Honeywell Regional Managers, highlighted solutions for protecting homes and families from the threats of burglary crews and how new technologies are helping to provide lifestyle enhancements.

If you missed this opportunity to educate yourself about burglary protection, Burglary Solutions will be hosting similar events in the tri-state area.  Please sign up below for information and updates on future seminars.

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