Seminar for Law Enforcement, Insurance and Security Professionals

  • Learn from local, County and Federal burglary intelligence detectives and agents the most up to date intelligence regarding the prolific burglary crews striking the tri-state area.
  • Learn about the burglary laws in New Jersey.  
  • Learn how police coordinate intelligence on burglars and burglary crews, how burglary investigations are conducted and how law enforcement combats these crimes.
  • Find out where stolen jewelry and property is sold and what are the reporting requirements for jewelers and gold buyers in New Jersey.
  • Learn the most effective ways homeowners can protect themselves and their assets.
  • Learn about burglary victimology and how victims are targeted.
  • Determine if someone is a victim of an organized burglary crew or committing a fraud and trying to mask it as a professional burglary.  
  • Learn the techniques police use to catch burglars, and how insurance carriers can assist law enforcement.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information being presented, non law enforcement seminar attendees will be screened and their employment verified.
This seminar is open only to those in an industry requiring a legitimate purpose.


For more information, please contact Burglary Solutions at (973) 531-7863 or via email at

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