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Security Assessments
  • Burglary Solutions will come to your home and perform a comprehensive safety and security assessment of your home.  Your personal security assessment, utilizing the most current and up to date burglary intelligence for your neighborhood, town and county, will address all aspects of your home’s security and your family’s safety.  Your personalized assessment will review and make recommendations on the following:
    • Current security system (alarms, camera systems and integration)
    • Interior and exterior lighting
    • Locks and safes
    • Location of home and risk factors
    • Assessment of outside contractors who have access to the home. (Background investigations available)
    • Current intelligence regarding burglaries in your area and an assessment of your home’s vulnerability to burglars.
  • Please contact Burglary Solutions for a description of our comprehensive assessments customized for your home. 
Security Systems

Security Systems, Lighting, Access Control and Camera Systems

  • A well designed security system, designed around the most current burglary intelligence means: 
    • Burglars may be scared away from burglarizing your home.
    • If burglars enter your home, they will exit more quickly, resulting in less damage and loss of your personal property.
  • A well designed security system means a faster police response, so the police have a better chance of catching the burglar immediately after the burglary occurs, meaning you get your property back.
  • Current technology developments have made it so you can protect your home and family at a reasonable price.  Modern security and camera systems can be controlled and monitored from smart phones, tablets or televisions.  While away from your home, you can turn on lights, control your thermostat, lock/unlock doors and view cameras.  Burglary Solutions can help you find the right systems to meet your needs.

Burglary Solutions has partnered with A.C. Daughtry Security, Inc. to combine our comprehensive security assessment with their state of the art security systems to provide a product that will help in protecting your residential homes from dangerous intruders. Burglary Solutions uses the most current intelligence information regarding burglaries striking the tri-state area to perform assessments and A.C. Daughtry uses this information to provided personalized protection systems for each residence. A.C. Daughtry offers a wide range of products from traditional alarm systems to motion sensors and security cameras. When A.C. Daughtry monitors your alarm, you can be sure that their state of the art central station will be standing by, around the clock, to notify law enforcement of any alarm activations that may occur. Both Burglary Solutions and A.C. Daughtry Security have one main goal and that’s to provide a potentially life-saving service that you can’t put a price on.


For more information, please contact Burglary Solutions at (973) 531-7863 or via email at

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