Who We Are

Burglary Solutions is an agency made up of recently retired and former law enforcement professionals and intelligence analysts who were at the top of their field in the art of conducting burglary investigations and coordinating burglary intelligence.  While working in law enforcement, Burglary Solutions Associates responded to countless burglary scenes, solved hundreds of burglaries and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and property.  Associates have interviewed career burglars to learn their tradecraft, how they target their victims, bypass security systems and where they sell the stolen goods.


Dan Coleman, the founder of Burglary Solutions is a twenty-five-year veteran detective, who retired in 2012 from the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the lead investigative agency for Morris County New Jersey, serving a population of 500,000.  In 2008, after having been assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Dan founded and created the Morris County Burglary Task Force (BTF), responsible for coordinating burglary intelligence and investigations for Morris County. The intelligence compiled by the task force led to numerous successful operations targeting individuals and organized crews committing residential, commercial and motor vehicle burglaries. The BTF became a model in New Jersey as well as the lead intelligence source for several of the major prolific burglary crews hitting the Tri State area; including burglary crews known as ‘the Codwise Crew’ and the ‘James Bond Gang’.


Burglary Solutions advisors continue to work closely with law enforcement from the tri-state area to have the most up to date intelligence regarding how burglars are currently targeting homes and neighborhoods, how they defeat home security systems, enter your home, escape with your property and where it is being sold.


For more information, please contact Burglary Solutions at (973) 531-7863 or via email at Info@BurglarySolutionsLLC.com.

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